Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle
Raid Series Bundle

Raid Series Bundle

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Are you ready to go ALL IN? If you're serious about catapulting your performance as a tactical athlete, if you want to separate yourself from the pack and you're not looking to take short cuts, then the Raid Series Bundle is for you! 

The Raid Series Bundle gives you access to all 3 phases of training in our active duty and veteran developed training system for tactical athletes. Remove the guesswork from your training and get guaranteed results using our proven training methods. 

The Raid Series will give you the tools to enhance athletic performance, build lean muscle, increase speed and endurance, catapult your conditioning and will level up your ability to perform under load. All of these skill sets are essential if you are to be a world class tactical athlete. 

You don't need to walk the path alone. You will get access to our exclusive Raid Group where our coaches and other like minded individuals will help you to unleash your full potential

After years of training tactical athletes, we have taken all that experience and refined our training methods to create a system that is extremely efficient, simple to follow, and guarantees results.

They say champions come in pairs, well Raiders come in armies. 

Get the Raid Series Bundle and save 30% on all programs! 


Get lifetime access to:

  • Phase 1 - Raid Ready Program 

  • Phase 2 - Hybrid Raider Program 

  • Phase 3 - Tactical Raider Program 

  • BONUS - Elite Pull Up & Push Up Program
  • We take a phased approach to build you into the ultimate tactical athlete. In phase one we work on the fundamentals to make you fitter, faster and stronger. In phase 2 we continue the work from phase 1 but with an enhanced focus on increasing your endurance. Phase 3 is the tactical phase where we focus on building your ability to operate at the highest level whilst underload, a crucial skill for any tactical athlete. 

  • Almost any fitness test will include pull ups and push ups. We included the Elite Pull Up & Push Up Program for free to make sure you crush these testing elements. 
  • Join the Raid Group and get access to our coaches who can help you regardless of ability level. Stay connected, accountable and motivated with like minded individuals who are on the same path. 

  • We're not interested in sneaky recurring payment schemes, we're only concerned with you unleashing your full potential! Pay once and get LIFETIME access to all 4 training programs. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jason C
Simple and efficient

Nice structure. Easy to follow. Will make you sweat if you put in the work.

Tyler Brantner
Great program

I'm still on the first phase but so far I like it. I've tried other military themed programs and this is my favorite so far.

Kendal Pearson
Raid Ready

So far this program has been fantastic! Started to chip away at it as my schedule allowed, still got REALLY good workouts in when times were short. 100% recommend

Brian Alu
Brian’s Raid Ready

Just started week 4. Workouts have been kicking my butt. I turn 50 next month so the workouts are challenging but not impossible if you’re motivated. Split the lifting and condition between days. I also like the beginning running. I actually feel faster when I start the second, third, etc. cycle. Would definitely reccomend for old warriors like me that are still in the fight!!!

The best program ever

I'm active duty SF and I'm gym owner and kickboxer. So far I'm at week 3 phase 1 and I fell excellent doing the program. I'm looking forward to finish all 3 phases and to recommend this program into mine unit.

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