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Tee shirt

Awersome quality


All I got to say awersome

Amazing Brand/Quality

The brand represents being fit for duty and having the mental fortitude to do it through physical determination and training. Not only did the package arrive quickly, the shirt I ordered were very high quality and they fit like a dream. 10/10 and have recommended to friends in my line of work.

Shirts to Rule All Shirts

I ordered all but one of their shirts, because they didn’t have my size (schmedium). The shirts are high quality and have held up through numerous workouts; but, do your part to take care of them properly (i.e. don’t wash them on the highest setting of your machine).

Good Shirt

I like the fit, like the material, like the design. Didn’t shrink much. Defintely an athletic fit, so if you are looking for something snug around the chest pick the smaller of your two sizes. I’m 6’ 1” and 165 so very slim and I’m a medium and it’s snug on my chest


Graduated high school last year with a background in power lifting. Working on cutting some weight, leaning out, and dropping run times. Working towards a military/law enforcement career. This program is definitely doing its job.

Sacrifice V2 Tee - Cream


Would like to see the same in a hoodie with the same placement of the logos on the front and back.

Fit and look great

Will be finishing collection!!

Great shirt

Wearing it right now. That’s really all I got to say!

Top Quality Stuff

If you’re looking for a great shirt to train in Warfighter Athletic is the way to go. I’ve pretty much bought all their shirts with the exception of two, and those are going to be purchased very soon. I had to priortize buying the athlete line this month :-)

The Tier 1 training program is top notch! Follow it! Work ridiculously hard!

Another fantastic piece

Wickedly awesome and tu meke


LOVE it. You’re not going to have an average day wearing this rad shirt.


super good

Brilliant Program

I purchased the Tier 3 Performance Program a few weeks back and so far I'm really enjoying it! The pdf has over 150 pages of brilliant info, from training to mindset to nutrition. Thought it was a little pricey at $80 CAD but I know see it as an investment, and it's a brilliant one. Would highly recommend!


Outstanding quality and nice fit. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work lads.

Great T-Shits to have

Excellent to wear for casual and workout


Very happy with the product!

If you want peace prepare for war

Awesomely awesome great fit love the quality thanks heaps cheers Buck nz

Amazing quality

Love the quality of the shirts as well as the design! I’ll be ordering again shortly! Their customer service too, is extremely reliable, courteous, and helpful. Recommending to all my family and friends.

The material of this shirt was well made and comfortable for crushing my workouts!!!


5 stars

Warfighter Athletic.

Outstanding service. Top quality products from both American and New Zealand sites. Can't wait for New lines to drop in 2021. Keep up the good work lads.

F#$%en awesome

Oh my God the quality was worth the wait thanks heaps guys love the t shirts can't wait to see more range shorts and hoodies cheers Buck nz

Awesome feeling

Enjoying the wraps so far. Snug fit on your wrist, sticking your thumb in the grip will keep your wrap from actually moving, versus other competitors who say the same but same wraps will come undone if you pull too much. Overall pleased with the product. Certainly worth the money.