3 Tips To Improve Your Ruck Times


I have had a lot of questions on how to improve ruck times so I thought I would put some tips together for you warriors. 

Rucking is an important skill for anyone who serves in the military, the last thing you want to do is blow out and become combat ineffective. If you aspire to join SOF or SF poor ruck times can lead to your failure. 

I have 3 tips to share with you:

1. Be an a professional. Make sure you take the time to square away your kit. Make sure the straps are fastened nice and tight and that they can be adjusted easily. Nothing will slow you down more than having loose straps that make you more uncomfortable than you need to be and turning the weight on your back into a pendulum. Keep it tight. 

2. Footwear. Make sure you have the right size boot, if it is too small, when your feet swell you will start to cause some serious damage to your feet. Rubbing will make sure you have blisters that make every step more painful than the last. Keep some blister patches handy so you can quickly put one on if it becomes too painful. Part of being a professional is getting out and finding where you get hot spots so you can but blister patches on before you step off . 

3. Technique. Carrying on with being a professional, you should know your pace. How long does it take you to cover a mile or a kilometer across the different types of terrain? If it is off the pace get some time up on your feet, hit the flat and more importantly hit the hills. I often see guys will set off at lightening speed, quickly they blow out and fall off the pace. Know you pace, that way you don't have to panic and put out more when you really don't need to. A method I like to use is the walk/shuffle method. Shuffle across easy terrain and walk up steeper terrain. 

My final point for rucking is mindset. It is going to be uncomfortable, it always will be. You will be under load, your shoulders will hurt, your legs will start to burn at some point. Learn to push through it, condition your mind to be comfortable in this situation. How do you condition your mind? With practice. Get out there and spend time under load, go through the pain and over time you will become extremely comfortable being uncomfortable. 

You are a professional, ensure you act like it. Like an athlete trains to win the game you too should be training to win the battle. Do the reps, do the sets, do the miles and train to win. 

Zero Excuses. 

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  • Emma

    This is aswesome i have just stepped up the weight in my pack

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