Top 5 High Performance Habits

I am going to share my top 5 high-performance habits with you. You need to integrate these into your life if you are serious about becoming a high-performer and a high-achiever.

1. Physical Training: I Don’t care what form it takes but you need to get the
body moving. Not only is it extremely important for your physical health, it is
also extremely important for your mental health. An in-shape body and a clear mind is the breeding ground for confidence.

2. Discipline: Without a question of a doubt there will be days you where you
just don’t feel like doing anything, you need to have the discipline to go and do the work anyway. Top performers don’t have endless amounts of motivation, like
you, they have days where they can’t be bothered or they’re too tired but guess
what? They go and do it anyway.

3. Time Management: The holy grail of getting more done in your day than the
average human. Life is busy, but often it’s not that you “don’t have the time” it’s
that your time is poorly managed. You need to treat your time like the precious
commodity it is, stop wasting it on things that don’t count towards your goals and
people who add no value to your life. I use a diary that has each day broken into
30-minute blocks, go out to a book store, buy one today and start using it right
now. Time is the only thing you don’t get back so stop wasting it.

4. Check Zero: You never zero your gun once and then never zero it again, if you
do you need to go take a serious look in the mirror. When you’re taking a shot, you want to make damn sure you’re going to hit your target. Set one day a week where you take a look at your goals and all of the tasks associated with your goals. Are you on track? What needs to be adjusted? Dial it in.

5. Clear Communication: It doesn’t matter what part of your life it is, clear
communication is they key to a smooth operation. Regardless if it’s your home
life, work life, social life, in your business or your everyday interactions, clear
communication is key. It doesn’t just come down to clear communications either, make sure your tone is correct, even a slightly wrong tone can create a
whole lot of drama you don’t need in your life. Focus on clear communication and
the correct tone of voice and watch your life get a whole lot more productive and a
whole lot less stressful.

It is all about attacking your career, your goals and you life like a professional. As a warrior it is your duty to be a professional, so get serious and apply these high performance habits to your life. 

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