Conquer Self Doubt

We've all been there, wanting something so bad, yet lacking the confidence to commit and truly go after it. 

Nothing is guaranteed in this life, you can give it all you've got, you can put in the work and sometimes you still don't get the result you've been working so hard for. 

Now what I can guarantee you, is if you do NOTHING, you will almost certainly achieve nothing. Maybe you will win the lotto, but the statistics on that aren't good and the high will be very short lived because you didn't earn it. 

When self doubt sets in, it can be overwhelming. The mind becomes loud and overloaded with thoughts in quick succession. Worst case scenarios play out like a rolodex and the feeling of impending doom can begin to take ahold of you. 

So how do you break the hold of this dark and heavy doom and gloom mentality? 

I have been there myself, many times in my military career and during the last few years building this company. It is short lived, maybe that is down to my optimistically geared character, which I can only put down to some gift I was given by God, but some of it also comes down a few tools in my tool box. 

I have spoken about a few of them before but I only want to focus on one here today. 

For me when the road ahead is blurry, and I am unsure of the path forward, I stop and I start planning. 

The first thing is to conduct a LOCSTAT or location status as we called it in the army. Take stock of where you are right now with a focus on the positives. What is going well for you, what wins have you had, what are the closest opportunities and if you have nothing right now what wins have you had in the past? 

The next is to dig into what did you do to achieve those wins or that success? Sometimes the answer for the future, can be found in the past and somehow we have forgotten what worked. 

It is like a recipe for your favourite meal. You have it dialled in and then somewhere along the way you try to change it up and you completely fuck it up. You don't go and throw the recipe out as if it's no good, you simply revert back to the original, the one that worked. 

The next thing we do is we start planning. Whatever you mission or goal is, take your time and develop out 3 courses of action, from low risk to high risk. 

Set a time frame, allocate available resources, develop a process and start building your plan out. 

From the 3 courses of action you developed, take your time, sleep on it, and then choose the one that you think is the most viable. 

The last thing we do is we EXECUTE. 

I can't tell you how many times I have felt like I was drowning in self doubt and unsure of the path forward, all of which was lifted by taking the time to reflect and plan ahead. 

It provides clarity and confidence that will propel you forward on the path. 

Believe in yourself, you've got what it takes. 



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  • Joseph

    This was exactly what I needed today. Much appreciated. Thank you.

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