How To Win Even When You're Losing

It is inevitable you're going to lose in life but it doesn't mean you need to lose. 

Think of it like the Patriots Vs Falcons in the super bowl, no one thought the pats were going to come back and win that game, but they did. 

They never stopped fighting and they started to learn from their mistakes. Clutch plays are not reserved for sports games, you can make them in your life as well. 

I remember being on selection and having one more check point to make, as I was walking I started calculating the time I thought I had left and realized I had less time than I thought. 

There was only one way I was going to make it, run, run like a mother fucker all the way in to the last check point. 

At this stage I was already fucked, I was tired, hungry and sore, but the pressure of thinking I was over time and fact I wanted it so bad I found a store of motivation and energy I didn't know I had. 

I came in under time, in a normal situation I probably wouldn't have but in that moment, at that time and with the motivation of a boy hood dream I made my clutch play.

The reason I am telling you this isn't to talk about me, it is because I want you to understand that no matter where you are at, no matter how bad it seems and no matter how much you think the odds are stacked against you, you have another play to make. 

Your past results only determine you future results if you let it, but you're not going to are you? Because you want more from this life don't you? 

I want you to make a promise to yourself, if you think you're losing at this game of life, if you think all of the odds are against you and there is no hope for a brighter future, I want you to promise yourself that you will never stop fighting as long as you live. 

Every day above ground is a new opportunity, another shot at success. 

Learn from your mistakes, learn from all of the wrong turns, learn from all your wrong decisions and start making the right ones. 

One decision, this is how far you are away from success. 


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