Listen To Your Heart & Get Unstuck

What a time to be alive. 

Right here and right now we are apart of history. 

Right here and right now we are being reminded that life IS a gift. 

Right here and right now you are being reminded that you have a whole lot of potential left on the table and if you don't take advantage of it, you might just take it to the grave. 

It's time to do EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of doing, even during this time of uncertainty and doubt. 

There are many times in my life where I have been right here, right amongst the chaos and unknown, not knowing what was going to happen next. 

If there is one thing that is true in these moments, it is that the noise between your ears is going to get real loud. 

All of the fear that has been dwelling inside, that you let foster, is coming to life. 

Don't worry, you're not alone. 

I have heard the voices, I have heard the quit, I have heard the weak inside my own head many times before. 

When you listen closely you will realize there isn't one voice, there are two. 

The one telling you to quit and the one that wants you to keep going. 

One is your head, the other, that is your heart. 

Your head, your ego, it wants you to quit, it wants to escape the pain of fighting back. 

Your heart, it knows what you really want, it knows what you're really capable of, it wants you to keep going because it knows that you've worked to damn hard to turn back now. 

So what do you do in these moments? 

Well the good news is, we are in peace time, so we have time to prepare a plan. 

Pick up the pen, grab the paper.

Today you have one task. 

It is real easy. 

Write down who you want to be. 

In every sense of the word. 

Who do YOU want to be, what do YOU want to stand for, what do YOU want to accomplish, what will YOUR legacy be? 

Do this work. 

Because when you know in your heart and your soul who you want to be, you ca start acting like this person before you become them. 

When you create a version of yourself that is the ultimate version of you and you can see it so clearly, you will stop being this mediocre version you have been for far too long. 

We are going to go one step further. 

Keep an eye on your emails because we are doing the next step live. 

I am going to be running a live training session on ZOOM and we are going to get REAL and RAW. 

It isn't time to take a backwards step, it is time to go forward, into adversity. 


See you soon.



  • Erik Olson

    I like your message keep pumping up the quitless and push out the excuses. Not a soul on earth should be to far gone for that message to hit home. Every day is your next chance rise.

  • Ben

    I love this site and love the kit on here, shame i live in UK and they’re so far away. Cheers guys.

  • Oliver

    Becoming more and more of a fan of this company/community the more time goes, thank you

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