Military Mental Toughness - Why Is It So Sought After?

Military Mental Toughness, why is it different and why is the world so obsessed with it? 

It is common place to find high level athletes, sports teams, corporations and professionals seeking the competitive edge. 

Where more and more are turning, is to elite level operators who come from elite level units, why?

Because they possess something a large percentage of the population lack, real, raw and unrelenting mental toughness. 

Not just any mental toughness, Military Mental Toughness.

There are two main reasons that I believe it gets so much attention and why it is a sought after mindset. 

Let me explain each one. 

1. Military Mental Toughness is enduring at the highest level. 

There are many athletes who endure, but only for a short while.

Let's take a look at the the toughest athletes, in my opinion it is the mixed martial artist.

The mixed martial artist not only endures a test of physical performance but of multiple skill sets, mental toughness, resilience and the battle of our built in survival software, the fight or flight response. 

Even still, yes they go through hard training camps, hard work outs and hard fights, but within minutes of any event finishing, they are a short trip away from home, a hotel room and any comfort they desire is only a phone call away.

Military Mental Toughness is different, many times in my career I have been far from the comforts of home, at the mercy of the physical hardships the army is spoon feeding me, with no control over when I can eat, drink, rest or sleep. 

These experiences are not short lived either, they are enduring.

Many of the combat and special operations pipelines are months long, the adversity and stresses are endured over weeks and months, not days or minutes.

2. Military Mental Toughness is forged through the harshest methods and environments

The regular athlete can sleep and eat when they want and as much as they want.

They under take hard periods of hard work followed by optimal sleep, food, rest and recovery.

During military operations and training, soldiers and operators can be subjected to food and sleep deprivation, extreme physical and mental stress, forced to their biggest fears, coupled with the external elements of the cold, heat, snow, rain and wind. 

I have personally taken part in training so physically demanding in environments so harsh that soldiers and operators became delirious, generally unsure of what day it was or what planet they were on. 

Now while that may sound funny, maybe it's just me and my dark sense of humor, it is a place not many people are willing to go. 

No amount of writing can bring justice to the way the military forges mental toughness, discipline and resilience. You have to experience, you have to be in it, you have to suffer the methods to the madness!

So how do you build Military Mental Toughness? 

There is no book, no podcast and no vlog that can teach it to you. 

You actually have to go and do hard stuff, consistently, and over a long period of time. 

Just as results in the gym aren't built over night, neither is a strong mindset. 

Now most people either do too much and end up broken, or not enough, where they end up thinking they're more capable than they really are, come crunch time, they crumble. 

After much thought and many questions on the subject, we have created a Military Mental Toughness Program. 

It is a calculated mental toughness blue print, derived from years of military experience and some of the toughest training a solider can undertake. 

Next week for the very first time we are making it available. 

What is unique about the release is that we will be doing the program with you, suffering with you, getting mentally tougher with you. 

Stay ready for more information on how to take part in the first training cycle and the benefits of doing so!


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