The Number One Mistake SOF Candidates Make

There is a reason most SOF units have such a low success rate, everyone is making the same mistake. 

It doesn't matter what nation you look at it, almost every unit has the same thing happen come selection time, most who show up go home empty handed. 

I know this mistake more than any one, why?

Because I have been there, on the other side of failure, ashamed, angry, guilty, hurt, lost. 

If you're not willing to tackle this issue then you're not deserving of the success you so desire. 

So what is this mistake? 

David Goggins explains it best when he talks of a program they stood up in order to increase the success rate of Navy SEALs. 

I believe candidates were put through a 2 month training package, at the end of the package, they could not only meet the physical standards required, they could destroy them. 

Yet, once again, as they entered into Hell Well and the pipeline beyond, they fell short, they quit, they failed. 

You see, it doesn't matter what you can do physically, eventually it always comes down to what you can do mentally. 

How much can you endure? How bad do you really want it? What is the price you are willing to pay in order to achieve your biggest goal or dream. 

If you have the courage to even begin the journey, you're going to find out. 

If you haven't picked it up already, the biggest mistake MOST candidates make is that they square themselves away physically, but not mentally. 

When you neglect mental prep as a SOF/SF candidate you're going to fail. 

This goes beyond the realms of the military. 

If you want to achieve anything worth achieving in this life, you better have your shit upstairs squared away. 

Mental Toughness, Discipline and Resilience. 

These are the hallmarks of every successful operator. 

So how to you gain these skills? 

You actually have to do hard shit. 

This is where the issue lies, everyone wants to be mentally tough but not everyone wants to do hard shit. 

The next issue is, everyone wants over night results. 

Just as 6 minute abs don't exist, neither does 1 hour mental toughness. 

It takes time, it is a grind, you have to suffer, you have to face your demons and you have to conquer them. 

To do this you have to go beyond the physical, stripping yourself bare, to the point your tank hits empty, this is where mental toughness begins. 

Are you willing to go beyond your comfort zone?

Are you willing to go too places you've never been?

Are you willing to enter into the darkness? 

Are you willing to confront your demons? 

Time will tell. 

Our Military Mental Toughness Program drops tomorrow, we will see those who are serious on the inside. 


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  • Seitheach MacCallum

    What is the Military Mental Toughness Program. How can I get involved? What does it cost?When does it start?

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