The Secret Weapon For Back Pain

For years I have had issues with my back which come and go, the last year there is more coming than going. I will blame my military career in combat trades carrying stupid loads but I will also take accountability for not looking after myself by doing the small things.

Recently I have been shown 3 exercises to do every day before training and I can already feel the difference within less than a week.

The concept is turning your core on in order to make sure you reduce your chances of a back injury and to build a strong engaged core. You can do these exercises in the morning before you start your day and it only takes 6 minutes.

Exercise 1: Bird Dog - hold for 1 minute each side
Exercise 2: Dead Bug - hold for one minute each side
Exercise 3: Side Plank - Hold for one minute each side

I run this as a continuous exercise for 6 minutes moving through each movement. If 1 minute is too difficult then start with 30 seconds and work your way towards 1 minute.

To increase the challenge do 2 rounds of this routine for a total of 12 minutes. 


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