What Type of Mindset Do You Have?

Your mindset determines your environment, your environment determines your lifestyle, your lifestyle determines your quality of life and level of success.

There are two types of mindset, a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

A person with a fixed mindset believes they are who they are, they can't change and just have to work with what they have. They tend to avoid challenges, they give up when faced with road blocks, they see effort as worthless, they don't like criticism and are threatened by the success of others.

A person with a growth mindset believes they can improve and grow their current skill set with hard work and determination. They instead tend to embrace challenge, never give up in the face of road blocks, see effort as a way to progress, learn from criticism and see inspiration in the success of others. 

If you want to be successful in anything you do, you must adopt a growth mindset. You must seek out opportunities to improve all aspects of your life, from health and fitness to your career and your finances. 

I haven't always had a growth mindset, not in all areas but in some areas of my life I thought I knew it all and didn't take criticism well. If someone would try help me out at the gym I took offence and would think what do they know that I don't. When I changed to a growth mindset I realized I was missing out on opportunities to learn and grow. 

I ended up getting my first ever training program from a personal training instructor who is the now head coach of Warfighter Athletic, the results were phenomenal. I listened to what he had to say, took on his feedback and stuck to his training methods. When you control your ego it is amazing the things that will happen. A few weeks into it I was already seeing massive results and improvements in my strength and conditioning. 

I started dominating every PT session and was up the front no matter if it was a cardio focused session or strength session. It was truly a game changer for me. I now always look to who is around me and what I can learn from them, I see who is better than me and look to replicate what they are doing to achieve success. 

If you have a growth mindset or if you have a fixed mindset but want to change it, just decide and commit to the journey of change. It is well known, if you can change your mindset then you can change your life.

Block out the fears, block out the ego, block out the naysayers and commit to real change, change that will paint the world in a whole new light. Attain a growth mindset and there will be nothing you can't do.

What mindset do you have? Tell me that and I'll tell you what your future looks like.

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