Workouts To Improve Your Running

Training Overview 

Well it is safe to say it has been a minute since I have posted up a blog! With a lot of questions coming in about running and improving run times for 1.5 mile and 2.4km run times, I thought it was time I got writing! 

Before I get into it, the simple fact of the matter is, you're going to have to run, you're going to have to cardio!

For years, when working on my running, I have followed a simple routine. 

It looks like this: 

MONDAY: Steady state cardio.
TUESDAY: Interval training
WEDNESDAY: Steady state cardio.
THURSDAY: Interval training 
FRIDAY: Steady state cardio.

This running programming is based off the concept that this is your training focus. If you are wanting to work on strength and conditioning, then this is where you break it down into AM and PM splits. 

Steady State Cardio Options

In the past I have usually opted for every session to be running 5-10km with a pace that is around the 5 minute km mark (this is in a high trained state) or a pace that I can hold for a long period of time and or distance. This pace looks like you being able to hold a conversation but your legs will begin to get sore, in simple terms, harder on the legs, easier on the lungs, if you're into zone training, it is zone 2 training. 

If you have access to a Concept bike erg, I highly recommend it, I would double the distance for the days training. 

In a week training block, I am running 2 x 5-6km runs and 1 x 8-10km run. 

Key takeaway, don't blow the engine up on these runs, keep it controlled and comfortable. 

Interval Training 

Here is your opportunity to enter the pain cave and to blow the doors off the hinges! 

I stick to 3 basic interval training sessions: 

1. 6 x 400m 
2. 3 x 800m 
3. 2 x 1200m 

The pace you are wanting to hit is 5-10 seconds faster than your 2.4km/1.5m pace. It will hurt but given you are not running the full 2.4km/1.5m you should be able to do this, push yourself, don't be mentally weak! 

There it is there team. If you are serious about improving your running and not being a BFN here is a proven blue print! 

Do the work and reap the rewards! 

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