Weekly Warrior Workout 146

Are you ready to RAID? This week we are giving you a strength session from our Hybrid Raider Program. This program builds on Phase 1, the Raid Ready Program with a focus on strength and cardio vascular endurance! The aim of the program simply put is you go harder for longer. 

Strength 2

Cardio machine | 5 minute warm up on choice of cardio machine.

Warm up routine - 2 rounds
5 push ups
20 pass throughs
20 band extensions across chest

Bench press | 4 x 12 | RPE 6 | 55-60% of 1RM. Increase in weight from last week, bar must touch chest.

Incline single arm DB press | 3 x 10 | Move bench to incline (approximately 45 degrees), using two DB, hold one at shoulders and press the other 10 times before alternating. Focus on controlling this movement.

Push press SUPERSET | 3 x 10 | Similar to a military press, this week you will use a barbell and you can bend your knees and extend allowing momentum to drive the bar up.

Tricep dips | 3 x HALF OF MAX | As it is only half of your max, make sure the reps are slow and controlled. If possible make it harder by adding weight or a thinner band. Use a dip machine or dip bars if needed.

Tricep cable pulldown | 3 x 20 | Focus on really engaging the triceps in your lock out.


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