Weekly Warrior Workout 152

The Hybrid Raider Program is phase 2 of 3 in our Raider Training Series. In phase 1 we focused on becoming bigger, faster and stronger. Giving you the tools to destroy any fitness test and forging you into a hammer!

In phase 2 we are focusing on going further, faster and harder. Building on phase one, we will work on increasing both your strength and cardio vascular endurance at the same time.

This week we are diving into a running workout from the Hybrid Raider Program. 

Running conditioning 1

Warm up:

5 mins light jogging 2 rounds:

20 glute bridges

20 lunges

40 calf pumps

Hip mobility plus additional stretches


2 x 12 mins max distance run | Max effort | 5 min rest between

If conducted on treadmill, keep incline at 2

This workout is as hard as you make it, don't hold back, maintain a good pace and push hard. 

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  • Kaissar Couzi-lion

    Thank you for keeping us strong

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