Weekly Warrior Workout 153

This week we are hooking into a strength workout from our Hybrid Raider Program. 

In this program we focus on building strength and endurance simultaneously, this is where the term Hybrid Raider comes from. 

It is no good being strong but slow and without endurance, and vice versa with having speed and endurance without any strength. 

Let's work.

Strength 3

Cardio machine | 5 minute warm up on choice of cardio machine.

Warm up routine - 2 rounds
5 windmills per side - 3-6kg
20 glute bridges
20 trunk rotations

Deadlift | 4 x 8 | RPE 8 | Approximately 70% 1RM. Increase in weight from last week.

Pull up | 3 x 14 | Over hand pull up. Use band if needed, if 14 is too easy, pause at top of pull.

Bent over row | 3 x 10 | Use a barbell with over hand grip. Focus on engaging the lats and squeezing through the scapula, this should be an explosive movement.

Lat pull down SUPERSET | 3 x 20 | Focus on engaging the lats.

Reverse fly | 3 x 15 | Focus on the squeeze of the scapula, keep back straight. Use a weight that can be maintained throughout.

Core 30 sec on - 30 sec off alternating between x 4

V Up | MAX | For 30 seconds, complete as many v ups as possible. Scale to bend at knees if unable to keep legs straight.

Hollow hold rock | MAX | Adopt hollow hold position, rock like a banana.


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