Weekly Warrior Workout 84

When we are building mental toughness we have to go beyond our comfort zone, we must go past the point of fatigue, stripping away all of our physical fitness, so all that is left is our internal desire to keep pushing forward. 

As part of our new mental toughness program, we will be using challenge and peak events, events inspired by our military experience. 

These events are designed to push you well and truly beyond your comfort zone, here is an example: 

Workout 1

2.4km Run

Max Push Ups

Max Pull Ups

Max Crunches

-Rest 15-20 Minutes-  

Workout 2

8km Ruck

Target Time: 72 minutes

Weight: 25-35kg (pick a weight that is challenging but still enables you to meet the timing, if the weight is not enough to be a challenge add weight up to 35kg, If the weight is too much simply drop to a weight you can do, body weight is your last resort).

-Rest 15-20 minutes-

Workout 3

8km Weighted Run

Target Time: 60 minutes

Weight: 10kg, the weight can be made up of a weighted vest, a pack, or a combination of the two.

*You are not aloud to eat or drink anything other than water during this event.

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