Weekly Warrior Workout 94

Strength Training Protocol - Tier 3 - Entry Level Program 

A1: 4 x 5 Barbell Back Squat 

A2: 4 x 5 Medium Width Grip Pull Up 

B1: 4 x 20m Front Rack BB Lunge Walk

B2: 4 x 5-6 Close Grip Chin Up (use weight if needed)

C1: 10 Minute EMOM

Odds: 10 Doube KB or DB Push Press 16-20kg

Evens: 30m Farmer Carry - 50-60% of Body Weight, increase if needed. 

This is a taste tester of our entry level program, The Warfighter Athletic Performance Program - Tier 3. This program is best suited to those who are wanting to build a strong foundation of broad spectrum fitness. All 14 Week Performance Programs come with a Nutrition Plan to make sure you get the best results possible. 

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