5 Tips For Getting Over Failure

Failure, it is never easy to deal with, but it is time you did.

When what you were getting after meant so much to you it hurts, it hurts in your heart and it hurts in your soul. 

This is life, when you go big the chances of failure are always high, but all of your hard work and sacrifice was not in vein. 

Here are my 5 tips: 

1. Time. Time is the mother of healing. Something that once hurt so bad will be reduced to nothing but a distant memory. If you fail in the pursuit of your dreams it will hurt, that is OK. Feel sad, angry, and pissed off that you didn't achieve it, feeling this way means it was real for you, it meant something to you. 

2. You MUST get on with it. Inline with tip number one how long are you going to let it get you down? It has happened, it is what it is, you've felt the pain so now it is time to move on. It is now the past and you cannot change the past so it is time to stop looking backwards and time to start looking forward. 

3. There is no greater waste of failure than not stopping to look at what you learned. What did you learn about yourself? What new insight do you have? How did you cope under pressure? What did you learn about what you were doing? Write these all down. What is the biggest lesson you're going to take away and APPLY to your future? 

4. What is the path forward? Now you are ready to move on to once again go on the attack, what is the path you will take with your new found confidence? 

5. EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE? You have a new plan there is only one thing left to do. Get back on the horse and once again ride out towards your goals and dreams. 

There is nothing worse than hearing stories of soldiers with great potential who took ONE shot at selection. Never gearing up to go again. The lessons learned wasted, the sweat equity deposited for nothing. 

Do not let one set back tear your entire dream apart. You're working for something not many can achieve so it is not easy, if it was everyone would be doing it. 


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