Q1 2023 Situation Update

Hey team, Fitzy here dropping in to give an update into what is happening here at WA HQ, our Q1 plans and what our overall focus is for this year. 

Before I get into that, I need to say thank you for the continued support and loyalty. It is still crazy to think I started this business when I was still running a gun as a Commando. 

We have come along way in that time but not without some hard learned lessons and battles. Through adversity we grow and I can promise you there has been growth. 

Again, thank you for being apart of this community. 

Ok, the first big move I have to announce is that we will be pulling the remainder of the Commando Clothing System from the US warehouse and moving it to the NZ/AU warehouse.

It is no surprise to you that there is some turbulence in the marketplace. We have developed a strategy that ensures we get through these turbulent times, and part of that strategy is moving gear to where it sells the fastest.  

We will be placing a larger focus on having the lifestyle gear stocked more often on the US website, as that is what gets snatched up by our Northern hemisphere hitters the fastest. 

That brings me to my next point, the Gen 2 Commando Line and MULTICAM developments. The last year we have been ruthlessly developing and testing the Gen 2 Commando line and the new Recon Jacket. In line with that we have also been working hard to find a US manufacturing option for MULTICAM variants. We are currently talking with a facility in Tennessee, more to follow on this.

Next up is reducing stock outs. We have sunk a lot of money into R&D, it has been a worthwhile investment but it has affected our cash flow. Remember, I have funded this entire business since day dot, we are not backed by a cash cow, yet. I know it is frustrating when what you want to but isn't in stock. I am working on reducing those experiences. Nonetheless, be faster...

Womens gear. We have had a lot of great feedback about the first women's line we ran which had a focus on high performance athletic wear, we smashed it. Conflicted if that was the path we wanted to go down, I put that product line on hold. We haven't been idle though, we have improved every garment and developed new items. I am going to reintroduce the women's line piece by piece, you vote with your dollar if you want us to go all in. 

Lastly, investors. I have given my heart and soul to building this brand and this community for almost 5 years now. Hanging up my boots in 2020, I decided to all in on this company, investing every dollar I owned. We have seen phenomenal growth, we have battled through some incredibly tough times, we've developed world class products, built a global community and most importantly, the same passion and fire I had all those years ago is only burning brighter.

With that said, I have made the assessment that if we are to truly deliver to this community, with world class products and initiatives that give back, we need to expand our operations. In doing so, we are inevitably going to be waging war with the big corporations. To make sure we're not just equipped to fight but equipped to win this war, we're going to need an equity partner. 

I have been working hard on finding the right partner for over a year, in that time we got danger close, but I will never compromise my values for profit. I currently feel we have never been closer to getting this done. I will keep you all posted. 

If you have any questions or input, feel free to comment down below.  


Founder & Director
Warfighter Athletic 

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