The Warfighter Athletic Philosophy

What’s your why? Everyone should have one, everyone needs one. Here at WA our why, is you.

As part of our ongoing support to you and the community, our why for this upcoming blog series is education.

The what, why and how behind our training methodology.

Over the coming weeks we’ll break down the guts of our training programs, our strength and energy systems protocols, delve into the method behind the madness to provide you better insight and understanding of the reasoning behind our methodology.


To kick start this series lets address our philosophy .

Combat physical preparedness, born from our views on soldier fitness and what it truly takes to be "ready for anything" in life in general of down range on the battle field.

Comprising of the components of fitness, we think, a soldier should possess in order to tick the physical fitness box for operations. In short, being FIT TO FIGHT.

A warriors mindset is key to this philosophy and can be found within individuals, male and female, throughout all walks of life. We do not neglect this component as without it true combat preparedness cannot be reached.

FIT TO FIGHT has applicable crossovers to everyday life functionalities both on & off the battlefield.

Push, pull, lift, carry, squat, lunge, bend, twist, walk, run, swim, climb, hang, throw, catch, kick & fight, are all basic movement functions that human are instinctively designed for.

Yet they’re easily neglected.

With consideration to our primal movement patterns and functions as well as modern day battlefield requirements, here’s our take on what FIT TO FIGHT looks like as a philosophical cocktail.

Combat Cocktail:

1 Part: Weightlifter – Strength & Power

1 Part: Sprinter – Speed

1 Part: Triathlete – Endurance & Stamina

½ Part: Ball sports athlete (football, tennis, Rugby) – Agility & Coordination (hand-eye / hand-mouth)

½ Part: Gymnast – Strength & Coordination (kinaesthetic awareness)

½ Part: Yogi – Flexibility

*Directions – Mix this inside a metal goblet to produce a brutal concoction of combat competence. Add ice as needed.

*Suggestion – Serve with frequent daily movement and long periods of rest.        

*Additional – Regardless of the ratios if you’re adding these ingredients to your cocktail you’re on the money.


Soldier or not, our philosophy on combat physical preparedness is a one size fits all as long as the right mindset is brought to the table!

Frequent exposures to all the fore mentioned fitness components, coupled alongside adequate recovery, will inherently produce a physically diverse and well rounded human, as nature intended.


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