Why Working Backwards Is Actually Smarter

When most people set out to achieve anything they always work from where they are now towards where they want to go, that is not what the winners of the world are doing. 

The winners of the world do whats called reverse engineering, this is starting from where you want to be and then working your way backwards towards your start point. The military is the much the same in it's mission appreciation process. 

In a military sense, when you're planning your mission you want to know what is the mission and what is your higher ups intent, and what is the result they are wanting.

Once you have the end-state in mind you can start planning the mission and diving into the mission appreciation process properly.  During this process you are pulling out all of the information needed to be successful, the enemy, the ground, friendly forces, assets, COA's (courses of actions), C2, groupings, timings, every single little detail. 

This process will high light the best possible path to success, but as we know, no plan survives H-hour. This is the military version of reverse engineering success. 

In the out side world I see the successful doing much the same. 

They start with their end goal in mind and then work back to where they are now. Looking at their competition, their assets available to them, resources, opportunities, timings, COA's, again every little detail they need to be successful in their pursuit.

Reverse engineering your success isn't an option, it is the only option. Your success is not a guessing game, it's a mathematical equation. When you understand the math, you can understand the strategy you need to put in place to be successful. 

Practical task

1. The Mission. Write out your goal with military like precision, include times and dates, be specific 

2. What Is Your Intent? Why do you want to achieve the above and what does it mean to you?

3. Battle Tracking. Plan out exactly what you will need to do over the next 12 months to be successful. Create 4 lists that will each have 5 key tasks. Each list will represent the quarter of the year (3 month blocks). The 5 key tasks are tasks that must be done in that quarter or you will fail your goal. 

4. Attitude Adjustment. Write down 5 behaviors and attitudes you MUST start and 5 you MUST stop. If you do not change you will not succeed. Who you are has gotten you to where you are now, to go further you must change your behaviors and attitudes, you must level up.

5. Mission Critical. That means without it the mission will fail. You must have a daily, weekly and monthly mission critical top 3. These are the things that have to be done, everything else can be pushed to the sides. Create a mission critical top 3 for the week ahead of you. 

6. Attached assets. If you don't add extra tools to the tool box then you will be out gunned and out maneuvered. List 5 investments you will make to ensure you level up the assets at your disposal and achieve your goals. These can be books, courses, gym memberships, classes, pretty much anything that is going to elevate your current skill set. 

Do not shy away from this practical activity, get it done. If you're serious about your goals then we are serious about helping you get there. This is but a small taste test of what is to come. 

We will be adding a service where we work one on one with you to create a complete roadmap to your success, instilling confidence in yourself and clarity in your mission. 

Stay tuned for this to become available, slots will be limited so we will be starting a waiting list very soon! 




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    Hey! I’ve managed to get some inflammation in the bone membranne of my shin. Got any advice on how to train past it?

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