Weekly Warrior Workout 140

What is going on savages! It is that time again! 

Naturally, from time to time we take breaks from training. Whatever the reason getting back into training is important. 

When getting back into training we like to do what we call a full body wake up. A full body workout that gets all the muscle groups firing. 

Lets hook in. 


10mins Bike Erg 

2 sets of: 

Banded Pull a parts x 20
Shoulder Dislocates x 20
Leg swings x10 each leg
Hand walk outs x 10 


A1: Hang Cleans 5 x 10 

A2: Push Press 5 x 10 

A3: DB Row 5 x 10 

A4: Max Push Ups x 2

A5: Front Squats 3 x 10 

A6: Box Step Up 3 x 20 

Rest as needed but keep the intensity high. 

Happy Suffering. 

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