Weekly Warrior Workout 148

Raiders! It is time to work on your conditioning! Your gas tank is what drives your war chassis! Build a bigger gas tank and increase your ability to drive your war chassis harder, faster, and further! Attack this workout from our Hybrid Raider Program! 

Staaaand by GO!!

Conditioning 2

Warm up:
2-3 min slow pace on chosen cardio machine to warm up
20 air squats
5 push ups

25 min AMRAP
200m row
20 kick sits
10 push ups
20 jumping squats

Note: If you can't row then run or use another piece of cardio equipment. 

Up for grabs this week is two LS Commando Tees for anyone on our programs and inside the Warfighter Athletic Raid Group on FaceBook. 



  • Maxwell

    Raiders! This workout is the best! It has something that when you think you can’t continue, it will take out the best inside you! Highly recommended.

  • Jack

    What exactly are these… 25 min AMRAP, 200m row, 20 kick sits?


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