Combat Conditioning Program Option B Example

Warm up: 0-10min

Workout: 10-30min
Run - 10 rounds (continuous)
300m (target time 1 minute)
200m (target time 1 minute)

Notes: If possible, run lengths of a rugby/football field. Run the 300m straight into the 200m straight into the next 300m etc… You will need to run faster during the 300m in order to make the 1 minute timing.

Extras: 35-45min
10 x 10 pull ups (you can kip or use the butterfly technique)
Superset with
10 x 10 push ups
*rest as needed

Cool down:45-55min
Stretch and relax

For each workout inside the Combat Conditioning Program there will be an Option A and Option B workout to choose from.

Option A is great for those who have less time or it suits your current fitness level.

Option B has been designed for those with more time and who are looking to go push themselves to the next level of performance. 

The extras in the Option B workouts also provide a built in push up and pull up improvement plan

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