Weekly Warrior Workout 80

Battle PT


5km Run

Rest 5 minutes


400m Assault Bike or Run

21 Pull Ups

21 Dips

21 Push Ups

400m Assault Bike or Run

15 Pull Ups

15 Dips

15 Push Ups

400m Assault Bike or Run

9 Pull Ups

9 Dips

9 Push Ups


Stretch, Hydrate and Refuel

* Wear a weighted vest throughout if you have one

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  • Gary Clay

    Hi my name is Gary Clay. I live in Grindelwald, Tasmania/ Australia. I immigrated from England when I was 6 years old with my parents. I desperately wanted to join the Australian Army and serve as a rifleman and in the SAS (Special Air Service). Unfortunately I was deemed medically unfit for military service. I was guttered, devastated. I have never gotten over it. However, I am a security guard and I look after myself as a dedicated myself to fitness and looking after myself. I will be investing in your fitness program. Excellent work guys. Keep it up.

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