14 Week Tier 1 Performance Program
14 Week Tier 1 Performance Program
14 Week Tier 1 Performance Program

14 Week Tier 1 Performance Program

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Are you looking for a battle tested training program that will take your physical performance and mindset to the elite level?

*All training programs come as an INSTANTLY downloadable PDF.

Tested by current serving Tier 1 and 2 operators, this 14 week online training program was designed to help advanced athletes and elite operators to build elite level physical performance, mental toughness and discipline.

Using functional, varied and science derived training methods, you will learn the art of training not only harder, but also smarter, enabling you to become an extremely well-rounded, high-performing warrior athlete who is ready for any mission or task.

Our training methods are founded on the principles of: Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Go Longer, Regardless of Environment or Terrain.

"I have never seen a program so well thought out; recovery and training are vital in progression and the WA team have perfected this. There is nothing that compares to TIER 1 program and how quality these workouts are!!"


  • Greatly increase broad spectrum warrior focused performance to the elite level
  • Increase strength across all strength domains, destroying previous plateaus
  • Increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness to the elite level, from anaerobic power to aerobic endurance
  • Train hard and get results without over training
  • Excel and thrive in the competitive or combative arenas

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this training program is a fit for you, giving you all of the tools you need to succeed.

As warrior athletes, we do not care for participation, we seek domination.


    • The advanced to elite level athlete wanting to take their performance to the elite level

    • The advanced athlete wanting to greatly increase strength

    • The advanced athlete wanting to greatly improve their conditioning

    • The advanced athlete looking for a serious challenge

    • The advanced athlete looking for real measurable results

      • The Warfighter Athletic Mindset & Goal Setting Package
      • The WAPP Assessment Protocol – pre & post program assessment provides a baseline to monitor and track improvements throughout the program, and also provides a target to destroy at the end of the training block.
      • The WAPP 14 week TIER ONE Training Schedule
      • The WAPP 12 week TIER ONE Strength Training Protocol
        • Up to 3 sessions per week
      • The WAPP 12 week TIER ONE Energy Systems Development Protocol
        • Up to 4 sessions per week
      • Ascend Nutrition Meal Plan
      • Ongoing support and advice from the Warfighter Athletic coaching team
      • Access to the Warrior Den private Facebook group
      • Complete package comes as an instantly downloadable PDF
      • Run
      • Row
      • Swim
      • Cycle
      • Carry weighted rucks over undulating terrain
      • Sprint hills
      • Push & pull sleds
      • Negotiate agility grids
      • perform hypoxic sub-surface breath holds
      • Perform medium to advanced skill weightlifting and gymnastics movements
      • Mobilize
      • Breath and recover

      If there is anything you can't complete we will be here to work with you on a alternative exercise or movement.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 30 reviews
      Dennis Vriens
      Good program

      Well balanced program. But for some lifts it would help to know the percentage of the 1rm

      Sandro Soliard
      Really Tier 1

      The program gave me a new perspective on training and eating.
      I lost weight and am in better shape.
      I have good expectations in my physical and personal change at the end of the program


      The program is an A+; breaks down everything you need for a goal.

      Tier 1, 3 weeks In

      I am three weeks into the tier 1 program. I am enjoying the shit out of it. My background is 2/1 sniper, it has been years sice i have gone hundy and is great to follow a solid program and slog it out. Doing the work and pushing ones self to the limits and onward🤙🏻

      Tier 1

      I am using this to prepare for the Police Tac Unit selection preparation plan. This is the first plan I have found that has a great balance of strength building,cardio and endurance training. Just finished the first de-load week. Looking ahead. Time to put in work. Thank you for creating something for tactical athletes that isn't just CrossFit style !!!

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