10 Tips To Change Your Thinking and Your Life

Yesterday I spent the entire day at a success conference learning from the 1%ers of society. 

It was an epic day and I truly learned a lot of valuable information, I am going to share a few really important concepts with you. 

1. Make it happen, no matter what. I started the day with maybe 4 hours sleep, when that alarm went off at 4AM I felt like I had been punched in the face! Regardless I got up, got ready and headed off to catch my flight. There's always going to be setbacks, it is up to you if you're going to push through them or let them stop you making forward progress.  

2. Strip the bullshit. There's a lot of bad information stored in your head and you need to dump it. Friends, family, social media and society have feed you so many limiting self beliefs, it's time you got rid of them. 

3. Look at what you're not paying attention to. How many times have you read a book or listened to a speech and taken away a lot of good information? What are the chances the information you took away was all of the stuff you agreed with? I challenge you to go back through an old book you liked, paying more attention to what you didn't highlight. You are likely to find the areas of your life that need attention and need it now!

4. Celebrate all success. If you can't celebrate the success of others what you're really telling the world and yourself is you don't like success. Praise others who have done well, take inspiration from it and fuel it to grow your success. 

5. Focus on yourself. The patriots have a saying "do your job", it applies to life as well. All to often people sitting around talking shit and passing judgement on others. How far has that ever got anyone? There is nothing that can be gained from hating on others, apply that energy to look at yourself and how you can improve and level up. 

6. Be solutions focused.  I get many DMs and emails from the community about their goals and aspirations, quickly followed up by all of the road blocks and reasons why they can't pull the trigger and get it done. If all you're focused on is why you can't do it, how are you going to find the solutions to create continuous growth? Where there is a will there is a way, what ever your goal is ALWAYS make it happen. 

7. Go big or go bigger. You've heard the saying, go big or go home, it's a terrible saying. If going big isn't causing you to take massive action then you need to go even bigger. When you have monumental goals you take monumental action. 

8. Team work makes the dream work. This was a massive action point for me. You can't do it alone and you don't need to. How many of you attack your goals in isolation? You will only get so far that way. Sit down with your partner, wife or husband and plan your future together. Let them know your goals and let them be apart of the journey. When you have the full support of your family and loved ones they're going to go above and beyond to help you achieve success. Hey! They probably have some better ideas and new ways of thinking! 

9. Winners focus on winning. It's as simple as that. Stop playing not to lose and start playing to win. You will actually find yourself doing a whole lot more winning. 

10. The best investment is an investment in yourself. Every successful friend I have has invested in personal development. Year in and year out they spend money on leveling up their capabilities. I do exactly the same, this year already I have spent thousands of dollars on personal growth. The reason is, no matter what happens, no matter what setbacks we have in life, once we have those skills and capabilities, we have them for life. 

The pursuit of excellence is not a moment in time, it is a life ling journey.


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  • Cédric Ly

    Great article! I used to focus a lot on #10 in the past, and I’ve recently come to realize that I need to take more actions and that means I can’t do it alone. #8 is definitely something I wish I had learned and worked on earlier in life.

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