Founded by Special Operations veterans, Warfighter Athletic was birthed to life by the need for true warrior culture to be reignited, both within the military and society. 

It is our strong belief that true warrior culture fuses the combative and the athletic, the mental and the physical, the violence and the peace, the yin and the yang. 

The culture in which which we preach is not something we have made up or read about. It has been learned through experience, by daring to go a little further, and earned by choosing to embrace adversity in our individual pursuit of excellence. 

After years of working around the globe with elite units and operators, we know that at the center of every every high performing team, unit and organisation, is culture, from culture stems everything else. Culture is everything. 

Culture isn't just words, culture lives in our daily actions, it fuels our thought processes, it is the foundations of our beliefs and it is woven in the fabric of the clothing we wear. 

Our mission is to reignite warrior culture at the deepest level, it is to change the way in which you think, train, fight and live

It is through these changes, through the way of the warrior, that we know that YOU can go a little further in your pursuit to be the best human you can be. 

The culture we share comes from the tip of the spear, we are now passing it onto you.

These are our origins. Welcome into our tribe warrior.



Our philosophies are born from our experiences on soldier fitness or combat preparedness, and what it truly takes to be "ready for anything" in life in general, or down range on the battle field.

Comprising of the components of fitness we think, a soldier should possess in order to tick the physical fitness box for operations. In short, being FIT TO FIGHT.

A warriors mindset is key to this philosophy, it can be found within individuals, male and female, throughout all walks of life. We do not neglect this component, as without it, true combat preparedness cannot be reached.

FIT TO FIGHT has applicable crossovers to everyday life functionalities, both on & off the battlefield, for both the career warrior and the everyday warrior. 

Push, pull, lift, carry, squat, lunge, bend, twist, walk, run, swim, climb, hang, throw, catch, kick & fight, are all basic movement functions that humans are instinctively designed for.

Yet they’re easily neglected.

Soldier or not, our philosophy on combat physical preparedness is a one size fits all as long as the right mindset is brought to the table!

Frequent exposures to all the fore mentioned fitness components, coupled alongside adequate recovery, will inherently produce a physically diverse and well rounded human, as nature intended.



After years of military service, with many spent in Special operations, we learned that clothing is much more than just a necessity of life.

In one aspect it is a statement of who we are and a reminder of what we stand for, in another, high quality apparel and equipment can determine success or failure of the mission, at the extreme end of the spectrum, it can also determine life or death. 

Our apparel philosophy is a two pronged attack. 

The first prong. 

Our mission is to provide unique and empowering designs that fuel warrior culture. Just as the badge and belts of our previous units inspired both the wearer and the onlooker, we seek to create apparel that when worn, inspires and serves as a reminder of who you are and what you stand for. 

The second prong. 

Looks good, is good, doesn't fly with us. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all things. This means we are committed to always seeking to enhance, innovate and design high performing apparel and equipment that you can trust time and time again. This means we must be ruthless in the testing and evaluating of our products.

Using our experiences of the past, we will produce apparel of the future. 



Jordan Fitzgerald, aka Fitzy, started this company by bootstrapping it whilst also serving within Special Operations as a commando. To say it hasn't been an easy ride is an understatement, but nothing worth achieving comes easy, does it?

When we first started this company, we placed a large emphasis on the training. This was because globally, far too many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, were struggling to pass a basic fitness test. The culture needed to be changed, and quick. 

This is where we brought to life the culture of the "Warrior Athlete", the warrior, and the athlete. An effective warrior cannot just focus on the combative, we must also be masters of the athletic if we are to be high performance individuals and effective team members on the battle field. 

What we have learned is that many of our beliefs, philosophies and practices goes well beyond the battle space, crossing over into every day life. For the high performance individual, much of what we preach applies to their respective fields. First hand we have heard many stories of the impact that the "Warrior Athlete Culture & Mindset" has had on our customers lives and their success. 

The pursuit of excellence continues. 

In 2018 when the company was being put together, Jordan had a strong vision for what the company could be. Although we had very humble beginnings to say the least, he had a passion and a vision for high performance apparel. A vision to compete with the biggest brands in the world and win by using the unique experiences and skill sets we possess from our military careers. 

After 2 years of hard work, sacrifice, and lots of sleep deprivation, 2020 seen Jordan being able to run Warfighter Athletic full time. The focus of 2020 has been "Improve & Upgrade" everything we do which has lead to the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Warfighter Athletic, OPERATION TOA. 

First starting out to build high performance warrior athletes, we are now moving to equip them. Our mission for OPERATION TOA is simple. 

Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and provide high performance apparel products that exceed the demands of the Warrior Athlete. Through thoughtful and innovative design, we will produce world class technical apparel products that are light weight, durable, functional, and made using the latest innovative materials and technologies. 

Drawing on our own experiences, as well our global brotherhood of SOF operators, infantryman, and endurance hunters, we seek to produce a Warrior Athlete Clothing System that has been designed and tested by warriors, for warriors. 

Welcome to the new chapter, you are apart of the story.