3 Hacks To Get More From Your Training

Now, right from the get go I am going to be extremely honest with you.

I used the work hack in the title to get your attention, but trust me, make these changes to your training routine and you are going to see drastic increases in your performance and results. 

The 3 things I am going to talk about aren't some secret that only us special operations guys know, I am not trying to peddle you that bullshit.

It's just common sense paired with knowing where the hell you actually want to go and how you're going to get there. 

I am going to focus on those of you who train for the military or what we call warrior performance, but if you're training to be the next Mat Fraser you will also take something away.

Let's get into the meat of it. 

1. Tune In

The body is pretty damn good at letting you know how it's feeling. If you're hungry or tired there is no confusion in the system, you know you need to eat and you know you need to get your head down for a sleep. 

When you're out there training consistently your body is going to be letting you know how it's feeling. Sending feed back in the form of muscle soreness and stiffness, fatigue, drops in performance and hitting a training plateau. 

Some of these symptoms are normal and an indication that you're training hard. But when your performance begins to drop and you hit a plateau in your training this is when you need to listen to your body and adjust your training program.

Over training is one of the biggest mistakes I see and the biggest one I made as a keen young grunt. I get it, you're excited about what the future holds, the results you're going to see and the challenge of pushing your body to it's limits.

You need to think long term, don't run yourself so far into the ground that by 35 your body is falling to pieces. I see it all the time when guys are preparing for selection. They will run themselves into the ground and right when they should be peaking they are breaking, not ideal. 

The key take away here is to listen to your body, if you need to rest then rest, program de-load phases into your training and remember it is about the quality of your training not the quantity. 

2. Knowledge Is Power 

In order to get to where you want to be, you have to know how to get there.

We all have different goals when we are training, the goals you have should reflect the training methodology you use.

If you're trying to improve your all round warrior performance I wouldn't expect to see you conducting bicep curls and cable-fly's in the gym. Nothing snaps me more than seeing a warrior training this way, but hey that is my personal opinion. 

Training is a science and should be treated as such, yes you need grit to train hard but there must be method to the madness. There should be a reason you are running a certain distance, at a certain speed, just like there should be a reason you're lifting a specific weight, for a specific amount of reps, for a specific tempo.

Don't just be a meat head and run, swim, ruck, and lift as hard as you can 24/7, that's a surefire recipe to burn out and an cause an injury. 

A great example is lifting tempo, so many people don't know what it is or simply can't be bothered applying it. For many of our athletes they will see increases in strength in the first few weeks, shocked by their achievements. It's not magic or even a secret, they're just using training methods they didn't know about. 

The key take away here is to do your research, read something and if you need to reach out to someone who might know more than you and ask for advice then do so. Increase your knowledge and increase your results. 

3. Dial In Your Routine

What do you think the chances are Tom Brady has woken up without knowing what he was going to do in training today? Even if you hate Tom, the chances are fxcking zero!

My philosophy is that as world class warrior athletes we should be training and living as if we are professional athletes. No we don't get the salary they do but if we lose on the battle field we don't get to sulk over a watered down Gatorade, we get a ride in a chopper and not the good kind. 

Imagine waking up every morning, getting into your car and not deciding where you're going until you're half way down the street, you would find yourself arriving somewhere you don't want to be, not to mention the time you just wasted.

When you're in the gym or at the track you can tell who has an actual training program and who doesn't. You all know that one person who wanders around looking a little confused, going from cardio machine to cardio machine, free weights to machine weights with no rhyme or reason for what they're doing, pnly to walk out 45 minutes later without having really done anything. 

The serious athlete how ever comes in, warms up and attacks the workout with purpose and intent, accounting for every second and kg. Everything is dialed in, from workouts to rest and recovery sessions, nothing is left to chance. 

You need to have a training routine, you need to know what you're doing this week, this month and this year. Having a training routine will ensure that you're hard work is going to pay off, it will eliminate your excuses of not having a session planned for the day, it will ensure you don't burn out, and it will ensure your success. 

I challenge you to work on these 3 points over the next few weeks, come back and leave a comment below and let us know the changes you've seen. 

If you need help with your training we are here to help, this is what we live for.

From one warrior to another, keep up the good fight.

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  • Jesse

    Good eye opener on the importance of training effectively! Quality over quantity 🤙🏽

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