How To Increase Your Pull Up Count

Pulls ups, one of the staples of basic military fitness testing and one of the staples of mastering your own body weight. 

Pull ups are one of those exercise movements that you're really good at or you can't do them at all. Either way we are going to share some tips regardless of what category you fall into. 

Dear Lord Let Me Do One Pull Up

If you struggle with doing anywhere from 1-10 pull ups this category is for you. Here are some training tips to get you moving forward and dominating fitness testing or pull ups in general. 

1. If you can't do a single pull up start with Supine Barbell Rows. Either set a barbell at waist height or find a bar that is around the same height. Next, place a box or a bench if you have one out in front so when you are suspended underneath the bar your feet will rest comfortably on the box.

To conduct the movement, go underneath the bar holding it as if you're going to do a laying pull up, at the same time place your feet up on the box. Pull your chest up to the bar and lower down under control, during the movement keep your body as straight as possible no bending at the waist. Conduct 3 x 40 second max effort attempts. 

2. Use resistance bands. The thicker the band the easier it will be to complete the pull ups. Find a band of suitable thickness for your suitability level. Attach the band to the bar by looping the band around the bar and then pulling one end through the other, pull tight. Next pull the band down and place your feet in it so that it is acting as a stirrup. Conduct 3 x maximum effort sets of pull ups, focusing on good technique instead of speed and numbers. 

3. Negative Pull Ups. At this stage you can do a few pull ups but you want to do more right? Well you should do if you! Standing below a pull up bar simply jump up into the pull up position and then lower down slowly to a 3-6 second count. Conduct 3 x Maximum effort sets of negative pull ups. 


You can do pull ups but you simply want to destroy any man or woman who wants to go toe to toe in a pull up competition. Here's some tips for you!

1. Spend more time under tension. Instead of racing to your usual rep range and then dropping off the bar like it was nothing, slow down, go slow to grow is the saying. Conduct 3 x maximum effort sets of pull ups lowering down to a 4-6 second count. 

2. Add weight. I see people wanting to get stronger at squats, bench and deadlifts adding more weight yet I never see anyone wanting to get stronger at pull ups adding any weight? Now it is time! Pick a weight you can get 5-6 pull ups done with, once you hit failure, drop the weight off your waist and do body weight pull ups till failure. 

Get out there, put some of these methods to use and you will see improvements in your pull up game. As always if you have any questions or need any help be sure to fire us an email of DM on Instagram or Facebook. 

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