Set Your Sights Higher

As we come to the end of the year I spend a lot of time looking at the goals I had set, what worked, what didn't work, where did we hit our mark and where did we come up short. 

Goals, motivation, and personal growth are crucial to success, yet so many people convince themself it's cheesy BS or not worth the time. 

I think this negative outlook comes down to a fear of failure, self doubt, and a pessimistic mindset. I promise you now, anyone who has achieved great success took goal setting, motivation, and personal growth seriously. 

I want to share 3 ideas that will help you smash 2023 out of the park. 

1. SET GOALS - Surprise surprise! A well aimed shot is always better than a stab in the dark, even if you come up short. When you're staring at a goal without a plan, it can be a daunting prospect filled with self doubt and anxiousness. You're not a alone in feeling this way, I have been there many times before. You know what brings calm to the internal storm? Goal setting, planning and problem solving. 

Don't be one dimensional. Most people only set goals for one area of their life, leaving the rest of their life exposed to chance. Set goals for your professional life, your health and fitness and your personal life. 

2. LESS THAN 100% ISN'T FAILURE - Let me tell you something, 100% doesn't exist, there is always something else you could do or could've done better. People treat their goals and their fitness like the only option is all or nothing, 100% or quit altogether. I have seen it time and time again with this company, someone misses a training session or they have a bad week, they then go dark on comms and give up on themselves. 

During my time in special operations we worked under such time pressures that often if we had 80% that was enough to get out the door  and on task. Once we started rolling we would adapt our plan on the fly as needed. Getting out the door was prioritised over perfect planning. 

If you fall off track, don't punish yourself, simply get back on track as soon as possible and keep working towards your goals. In the scheme of your entire life, falling off track for a day or a week is a grain of sand.

If you took a day off work you wouldn't quit your job, your goals are no different, simply turn up tomorrow. 

3. REWARD YOURSELF - What gets rewarded, gets repeated, what gets punished gets avoided. Celebrate your successes. Don't treat your goals like a prison. We have an inbuilt reward system that can be hacked. Through setting goals and milestones, by moving towards them we can be internally rewarded through dopamine signalling, the more we exceed our own expectations, the more this dopamine signalling increases. 

As well as an internal reward system, take the time to set up an external reward system. What are some things or experiences you have been wanting? Delay rewarding yourself with them, place them behind a milestone so that each one is earned. Delayed gratification will be super power for the rest of your life. 

In closing, 2022 isn't over, so keep working hard, finish strong and go all the way to the finish line. In saying that, 2023 is danger close, now is the time to assess and reflect on 2022 and to begin preparations and planning for 2023. 

Set goals and give your all to achieve them but if you fall off track, don't penalise yourself, just get back on track as soon as possible. Your goals are not a prison, they're a plan and a set of guide rails to get you to where you want to be. If you're working hard and putting in the work, reward yourself, you have earned it. 

Set your sights higher and go further in 2023.


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