The Kill Box - Tools To Kill The Quit

As part of our new Mental Toughness Program we are providing multiple tools to ensure you can triumph in your mission to become mentally tougher, more disciplined and resilient in the face of adversity. 

We are using a variety of different tools derived from our military career in the army in general and within special operations. This is but one tool and one segment of the training program. 

Sneak Peak Begins:

There is no doubt about it, over the next 3 months you are going to think about quitting on yourself, now you’re probably thinking, “not me!” but yes you, let me explain.

Quitting comes in many forms and it doesn’t always mean out right quitting. You may tell yourself that it is ok to take a day off here, to stray from the program there, before you know it you’re way off course and you’ve failed to achieve the mission, the entire reason you got this program, to become mentally tough.

So how do you kill the quit? How do you defend against the voices in your mind telling you it is ok to quit on yourself? Here are 3 tools for you to put in the kill box.

TOOL 1: Know your mission. Know exactly why you got this program and what your goal is. Defining your goal gives you mission focus, mission focus gives you purpose, when you want to stray from the path remember exactly why you started and what your mission is. If you got this program because your goal is the special operations pipeline remind yourself, if you quit here, you will quit in the pipeline. Remember the mission, stay focused, become mentally tough.

TOOL 2: Deploy situational awareness or what we call SA. When you’re situationally aware of yourself and your surroundings, you’re more likely to act proactively rather than reactively. When you hear the voices in your head starting to turn negative, when you hear the quit calling out to you, start attacking back with positivity, start talking to yourself about your goals, combat these negative thoughts with positive thoughts and visions. Gain the initiative, go to war with the quit, become mentally tough.

TOOL 3: Jedi Mind Tricks. On the days you have zero motivation, your body hurts and you feel you cannot summon the will to do the days’ work, convince yourself to go and do half of the work. For example, if it is a 5km run, convince yourself to run 2.5km, once you start you will get your second wind, completing the full 5kms with ease. Trick the mind, do the work, become mentally tough.

It is a daily battle, that is why it is called the war path. When you find yourself mentally in contact with the enemy in your mind, reach into your kill box and pull out one of your tools. Fight the daily battle, kill box the quit, become mentally tough.

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  • LG

    When are you forecasting the 3 month mental conditioning program will be released. Also when do you believe you will have your resistance band bundle back in stock. Would like to see your program as I am training for the ITA 350. Thank you.

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