What Is Mindset And How To Optimize It For High Performance

MINDSET - "the established set of attitudes held by someone" 

How many quotes have you read on mindset?

They're everywhere, "mindset is everything" , "success is all about mindset", "change your mindset, change your life".

The quotes are great but often there is nothing more than that...

It leaves a lot of thoughts

How do you change your mindset?

How do you build a strong mindset?

How do you become mentally tough?

Over my life, it is something that has always interested me. 

Before I joined the army I watched a documentary on Special Forces in Afghanistan and the selection process. 

You watch men reach breaking point, they no longer see the vision. 

Under the same exact circumstances you see men continue to push and to fight for their goals and dreams. 

I remember reading a book by Bear Grylls called Mud, Sweat and Tears.

On one of his climbs he is near breaking point, laying in his tent, he is depressed and is struggling to find the will, he is in his own head. 

Yet he summons the will to keep going, to keep pushing forward. 

I am inspired by men like that. They are no different to me and you, they have simply endured enough suffering to know that they can keep going even when their mind is telling them to stop. 

Through out my career I have endured a lot of tough shit, the more I endured the better I got at enduring it. 

You then go from surviving, to thriving. 

In life you may experience the same feelings. 

When your life becomes mundane, when you lose your purpose and that fire inside to chase adventure, to live a life worth living, you stop thriving and you start surviving. 

I want to share some steps for you to go through so you can stop surviving and you can start thriving. 

Grab a pen and paper.

The First Step.

Think about what you actually want to do with your life, what goals do you have, what excites you?

I now want you to ask yourself why you want to do it, why does it mean so much to you? 

Ask yourself this question 7 times, each time writing down your answer, asking yourself why the previous answer is important to you and your life. 

On the 7th time, this is where you strike gold, this is the deep rooted reason why you now need to see a clear goal. 

The Second Step.

Set a precision goal, this will become your mission. 

Your goal needs to be, SPECIFIC, extremely specific,

MEASURABLE, you need to be able to battle track your progress towards your goal,

ACHIEVABLE, in the time frame you set, this doesn't mean easy. 

REALLY BIG, too often we go small, we think with our old mindset and impose limitations on ourselves, set big goals and you will take big action.

TIME BASED, just like in the military, you must set an H-Hour, setting an H hour is a massive tool that has helped me achieve success more than anything.

The Third Step

Divide the time you have set for your goal into quarters, for example a year long goal is every 3 months. For each quarter go deep in thought and assign tasks that MUST be completed to achieve mission success. 

Now you are prepared, mission focused and able to start working on building a strong resilient mindset. 

Attack this plan with everything you have. 

It will test your commitment, it will test your discipline, it will test your mindset. 

Along the way I guarantee you will think about quitting, you will think about taking days off, you will be bombarded with outside voices asking why you're doing it and telling you to take a break or that you wont achieve it. 

When it gets hard and the grind begins, your inner voice will begin to ask why are you doing this, is this worth it, do I have what it takes?

Battle though, stay in the trenches and go to war for your goal. 

Do this process again and again and again. 

Each time you do it you will get stronger and stronger, soon you will become UNSTOPPABLE!

I have many more tools I can teach you in great detail but I know most would have stopped reading a long time ago. 

If you're still here, you have something else, you know you're capable of more and we both know you will be more IF you put in the work. 

I created an entire course that teaches these tools and MANY more, I explain exactly how to do it and give you worksheets to complete to make sure truly understand what you're capable of. 

If you want access to these life changing tools and you're willing to do the work (if you're not, this isn't for you)

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