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Situation Update

As you all know, the main focus of Operation Toa has been the investment into and the development of, high performance technical apparel and the creation of the Warrior Athlete Clothing System

Well, we haven't been telling you everything, we have been working on a lot more than that as we relentlessly pursue excellence in all that we do. 

Since working with our new clothing designer we have been nothing short of blown away by his design work, his knowledge, and his ability to exceed all of our expectations as him and his team always go that step further. 

It is very rare to find someone who can not only bring your concept to life, but to exceed all expectations at the same time. 

Regardless if it is technical outer wear or athletic apparel, the market is a ruthlessly competitive place and it can be hard to differentiate your product from everyone else. 

As soon as a design is released or a fabric is brought to market, the competition quickly follows. Our design goal, performance notes aside, is to bring truly unique high performance products to market, our design team has done just that. 

For those of you who are new to Operation Toa and our lead designer, his credentials are top notch, he has worked for the BIGGEST brands in the game, designing, sourcing their fabrics and trims, and overseeing the production process from start to finish.  

Carrying on. 

At the same time we have been designing and developing the Warrior Athlete Clothing System, we have also been working on building out a high performance athletic collection that is unlike anything you have seen from us so far.  

We will still keep the culture gear coming, it has been a staple since day one, but like the technical apparel collection, the new athletic line is going to set a new standard for athletic apparel globally. 

We believe that a high performance athlete should have high performance apparel, we also believe that the apparel should be durable, lasting a long time regardless of what is demanded of it. 

The hallmarks of this collection are performance, functionality and durability


We won't be dropping the new technical apparel collection until next year, yes next year, greatness can't, and won't be rushed. 

What we are dropping this year, is the new athletic line.

Our designers ability to design outside the box, hitting all of our key outcomes and going that one step further, is truly inspiring. To say we are excited to show you what we have been working on is an understatement. 

As mentioned in blog #1 for Operation Toa, we believe everyone in our niche is doing the same thing, putting out the same stuff, and neglecting using top quality, high performance fabrics. 

We are making it our mission to be the change that we want to see, the Pursuit of Excellence in effect. 

 As we speak, we are putting together the Warrior Athlete Clothing System - Athletic for both men and women. 

We know you women will be excited as this has been demanded for sometime.

After many rounds of sampling we weren't 100% happy with the fabrics for the women's leggings and tanks, we now have the resources to source top quality fabrics that will meet our standards and no doubt exceed yours. 

For the men, be prepared for the Lamborghini of training gear with the durability of a Toyota Hilux (we lived in these in Afghanistan and they could not be killed). 

When your workout demands the most of you, you demand the most of your gear, we are going to provide you gear that exceeds those demands. 

Stay ready for more updates and a late November / early December drop!



  • Rob

    Your athletic clothing hasn’t disappointed yet! Can’t wait to see what’s to come with the new focus 🙌

  • Martin

    Excellent news ;) Good old Hilux

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