#5 Operation Toa - Churn & Burn

Hey it's Fitzy here again checking in for an update on OPERATION TOA. Today I want to talk about a massive driver for me with the design and development of high performance technical apparel, designed by end users, for end users. 

Let's get into it. 


As I have mentioned in previous blogs and podcasts, COVID gave me a lot of time to canvas the game, to take a look at all of the brands both in our niche (military fitness and apparel) and brands beyond our niche (fitness/outdoor apparel). 

There was a common pattern amongst the majority of brands I looked at, everyone is playing the churn and burn game, produce apparel as cheap as possible, using the cheapest fabrics in order to sell it as quickly as possible for maximum profits. 

As I was taught during my time in the special operations pipeline, if we are looking outwards at our peers, we must be sure to look inwards at ourselves. I decided that Warfighter Athletic was no better. Yes we are passionate about what we do, we are obsessed with our mission, but we are ALL putting out the same apparel, simply with different logos and designs.

Most brands will never admit this, but I have the humility to do it. 

This is what lead me to the decision to launch OPERATION TOA, I don't want to be playing the churn and burn game like everyone else, we started out by creating high performance training programs for Warrior Athletes and now we are going to equip them with the best high performance apparel in the world. 


After many months of learning about high performance fabrics and the differing levels of quality I now know how cheap so many brands are going. We are going in the opposite direction. 

As we are end users, we know how end users live, how end users use the gear, how they push the boundaries and limitations of not just themselves but the gear they use. 

The new athletic line will be the first display of the high performance fabrics we are using.

As an example, the new Warrior Athlete Shorts will be made from Nylon/spandex, a premium fabric that is 4 way stretch, abrasion resistant, moisture wicking, and finished with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment.

These shorts will be your new go to go anywhere shorts, fit for any and all activities no matter how extreme.

As well as high performance capabilities, durability is also a key driver during the design process, as mentioned above, we don't want churn and burn apparel that you replace every couple of months, we want to provide you with apparel that lasts a decade of abuse! 


When planning and designing the new high performance range we had to take a look at who will be wearing our gear and where they might find themselves wearing it. 

Our community is wide reaching, from the general athlete to the warrior athlete, from the weekend warrior, to the active duty warrior, from the regular units, to the tip of the spear amongst special operation units, from law enforcement officers to SWAT officers, we are truly blessed. 

Taking into account that our apparel maybe worn inside gym, to the top of mountains, from the streets of America, New Zealand and Australia, to the streets of Kabul in Afghanistan, on a mission to the store to get some supplies, or a mission to conduct a hard arrest of a terrorist. 

With that in mind, whilst dialing up the performance, we are dialing down the branding. Our designer aka the Italian stallion, has simplified the logo to a discreet sword and ring, from a distance, unrecognizable, up close, to the knowing, it is the mark of quality, of durability,  of performance and the mark of the warrior. 

Going one step further, we will be using TAA compliant facilities, making sure we can supply our gear to those who go into harms way and need gear they can rely on time and time again. 


We are getting danger close to finalizing our product development efforts with OPERATION TOA. The final prototypes have come in and I have wasted no time going over each item with a fine tooth comb, We are now down to making adjustments at the micro level, perfection can't be rushed! 

I am truly proud of what we have created so far, but we are not finished yet, when I finally release OPERATION TOA to the world you will know that you can trust our gear in the most extreme conditions, regardless of weather, season or terrain. 

If you're not yet on our email list, you're going to want to make sure you are, for the launch we are going to be offering some unique experiences for those who take part, places will be limited and you're not going to want to miss this opportunity. 



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  • Brian Saling

    Sounds like you are going the extra mile (or two). It will be exciting to see what appears

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