Warrior Workout 155

Welcome Raiders! The first warrior workout of the year is here! This workout is the Tactical Raider Performance Test (TRPT) from our new Tactical Raider Program.

The focus of the Tactical Raider Program, Phase 3 of 3 in our Raid Series, is aimed at the physical skill sets needed to walk onto target under load, to hit the target like a sledgehammer, and to bug out to a helo extraction point.

It's time to see what you're made of!


The Walk On - 5km / 3 mile weighted ruck

The weighted ruck can be done with a plate carrier/weighted vest and or a ruck/pack.

The recommended weight is 25-30kg but if this is too heavy for you then drop the weight down to 15-20kg.

5 min rest

The Assault - 4 Rounds For Time

1 rope climb
10 burpees
20 American KB swings
20 med ball slams
10 weighted box-step ups (Use a heavy KB or DB)
50m sprint

*Drop your pack but keep your plate carrier on for The Assault circuit.

5 min rest

The Bug Out - 1.6km / 1 mile weighted ruck

Use the same weight and equipment you used during the walk on.

*Put your pack back on for The Bug Out.

*Make sure you use the exact same equipment in the pre and post program tests.

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