Weekly Warrior Workout 142

This weeks warrior workout will be focusing on running conditioning. This type of workout is ideal for improving your 1.5 mile / 2.4km run for fitness testing or in an operational setting, your ability to move around the battle field at speed.
He who is hard to shoot, is hard to kill. 
5 Minutes light jogging 
2 Rounds:
20 Glute Bridges 
20 Lunges 
40 Calf Pumps
Hip mobility + additional dynamic stretches 
1 X 800M Run
4 min rest 
4 x 400M Run 
2 min rest between reps
Record times "what gets measured, gets improved"
5 mins rest into:
100 Air Squats
50 Push Ups
100 Curl Ups
30 Pull Ups 


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